About LDF

Local life, global financial management

LDF was established in the Asian financial center and is a Hong Kong investment holding company. The founder has been deeply involved in the financial market for more than ten years, adhering to his conscience to innovate and cultivate in the global financial industry, starting from an asset management company, and investing in high-potential projects around the world through professional knowledge, experienced teams and partners, including private equity funds and debt The diversified scope of equity and leasing extends to a number of industries such as energy, environmental protection and agriculture. With investor needs as the core, it provides diversified investment solutions, creates long-term value, and brings rich returns to investors.



Invest to achieve your dream

LDF understands that investment needs are complex and constantly changing. We provides diversified investment portfolio solutions with more potential sources of return, which can more fully adapt to the ever-changing market environment while diversifying risks.


Join Us

Our work, not just helping investors enhance the literacy, but also to write a better movement in life. We sincerely welcome you who are full of enthusiasm for financial management. Maybe there is no suitable vacancy for you, welcome to letter to talk about what difference you can bring to us, we may be tailored to you!